On the 26th and 27th of November EAVI hosted the Media Coach partners in Brussels to discuss the next steps in the promotion of media literacy across Europe!

The first days saw each of the partners present their findings about the media, education and media literacy in their perspective countries, Greece, Romania, Cyrpus and Portugal and Bulgaria, portraying the differences between member states. The purpose of this activity was was to truly understand the landscape in each country before developing training plans to tackle what is most relevant and needed! While taking inspiration from the Dutch training model, the trainers must be aware that that it must also be tailored to the needs of different partners in some aspects.

Following these presentations, on day two, Liesbeth and Bamber, our Dutch partners, presented their train the trainer programme from which each partner will base their models and take inspiration. From here each participant could discuss any questions they might have before developing their own.

The next meeting in January will see the partners, or their chosen trainers, meet in the Netherlands to take part in a four day training so that they can then return to their countries and continue to train others!