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Partners meet in the Netherlands

      The MediaCoach partners met in Almere in the Netherlands for the next phase in the project! This week, we see partners present their training plans for their media literacy training programmes in their own home countries. These plans aim to set out the structure to educate a variety of individuals from students at all levels to parents and unemployed people. Each partner presented their own ideas based on their experience and research in their home countries. These presentations of the first draft allow for advice and constructive conversations in improving their plans. The purpose of the project

Partners meet in Brussels

        On the 26th and 27th of November EAVI hosted the Media Coach partners in Brussels to discuss the next steps in the promotion of media literacy across Europe! The first days saw each of the partners present their findings about the media, education and media literacy in their perspective countries, Greece, Romania, Cyrpus and Portugal and Bulgaria, portraying the differences between member states. The purpose of this activity was was to truly understand the landscape in each country before developing training plans to tackle what is most relevant and needed! While taking inspiration from the Dutch training

Coordinators Meeting in Brussels

      A useful meeting Charis Xinari, the coordinator of the project from the European University in Cyprus, attended the Project Coordinators’ Meeting in Brussels in early March. It was a useful meeting in terms of the administrative and financial running of the project and an opportunity to clarify certain points with the Agency. It was also beneficial in terms of networking as she had a chance to meet with other coordinators, of current and past projects and hear about their projects, the challenges they faced as well as the good practices they employed. Charis is confident that with commitment

The EMCI Website

The new website has been launched! You will find here news about the activities and the partners' endeavours to deliver a successful project.    

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