Project Description

 Sofia University

The University of Sofia “St.Kliment Ohridski” is the most renowned and prestigious University in Bulgaria, with a history of more than 130 years.
The University of Sofia has:
• sixteen (16) faculties and
• three (3) departments
and offers education in more than:
• one hundred (100) academic disciplines and
• four hundred (400) MA programs.
The University of Sofia is a leading institution of high quality education and academic research in Bulgaria.
The Faculty of Preschool and Primary School Education was founded in 1983. Currently more than 3.000 students are conducting their higher education led by an academic staff of eighty three (83) professors, associate professors and assistant professors.
The Faculty offers graduate programmes, post-graduate programmes and doctorate programmes to qualified specialists for the needs of preschool and primary school education, special education experts and also media experts trained to apply digital information and communication technologies for educational purposes.
The Faculty has constantly updated its curricula and programmes to keep abreast of new developments in pedagogical scholarship and social demands.
The programme in “Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication” focuses on the formation and development of media literacy for children of various age groups. The programme was launched in 2007 and addresses the growing need for academic training of professionals in education so as to facilitate child familiarisation with the advances of the media age. The programme covers different aspects of media and communication, arts, pedagogy and the application of modern technologies and digital tools in the educational processes.
Since 2014, the Programme on “Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication” has been developing a project entitled “Teaching Media and Information Literacy through the Development and the Application of Innovative Approches and Models”. The program aims at offering theoretical knowledge, practical skills and thorough understanding of media pedagogy, communication and information literacy, along with the opportunity to combine it with practical experience gained at various Bulgarian educational, cultural and media institutions.

Role in the project

The University of Sofia will undertake the responsibility of successfully replicating the Dutch National MediaCoach initiative in the Bulgarian context. The University of Sofia, as an adopting organisation will perform:
• the preliminary assessment of the context in which the scaling up will occur.
• the translation, the adaptation and the cultural tuning of the MediaCoach initiative in the Bulgarian national context.
• the delivery of the MediaCoach initiative to a total of one hundred (100) professionals working with youth in Bulgaria.
• the scaling up activities required for the widespread exploitation of the MediaCoach initiative in Bulgaria.