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To promote full citizenship and media literacy

Full and active citizenship in Europe is increasingly reliant on Media literacy skills. Therefore, it is necessary to empower Europeans as responsible media users. EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests – is an international non-profit registered in Brussels. It supports the adoption of initiatives that enable citizens to read, write and participate in public life through the media, therefore working towards the goal of a healthy, democratic, more cohesive society.

EAVI is the organisation which worked the longest on media literacy at the EU level.  It represents citizens interests in the European sphere through lobbying, conferences, networking, research, projects, the development of good practices and the production of content and resources with a particular attention to the education of young people.

In particular EAVI aims to:

Promote full citizenship and media literacy, Develop and disseminate best practices in media use and Forward the interests of citizens by engaging the EU institutions as media policy stakeholders.

EAVI has been formally established with the support of the European Commission and has received a Royal decree from the Belgian authorities back in March 2005. It works closely with other international organisations such as the UN Alliance of Civilizations, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Furthermore, many national research institutions, civil society organizations and tens of individual experts tend to EAVI for support. EAVI has already achieved a lot: It has carried out on behalf of the European Commission three main studies to define and measure Media Literacy; with tens of national experts, the participation of 28 different countries and 20 different languages. These studies are free available to the wider public together with other documents and position papers aimed to advance media literacy in the policy agenda. EAVI has been actively present and has been repeatedly invited at the EC and the Council of Europe Experts Groups to discuss media and citizenship issues.

EAVI organises international conferences

in the field of Media Literacy, mostly held at the premises of the national Houses of Parliament, and has participated as a speaker to many events across Europe. EAVI has enjoyed an unexpected success with the cartoon ‘A journey to media literacy’ which is now available in different episodes, in 21 different languages. The carton has enjoyed tens of thousands of views on youtube and it is being used for educational and training purposes. Furthermore, EAVI has organised Barcamps, has produced TV magazines and has collected thousands of signatories, published booklets and guides.

EAVI role in the project

EAVI is a leader in media literacy in Europe. EAVI will provide this expertise and knowledge in the area of media literacy to the project and will continuously contribute by providing advice to the project activities on the adaptation and implementation of the MediaCoach model in national contexts in the early phase of the project. In a similar manner, EAVI advised in 2015 the EC about measuring media literacy levels in EU Member States.
Throughout the duration of the project, EAVI will be monitoring the activities of the partners in the different countries, reporting on the progress of the project and disseminating project results using its outreach media channels.
In the dissemination phase, EAVI will provide support in communicating the importance of media literacy as an essential set of competences to different stakeholders including the EU institutions, grass roots civil society organisations, the public and corporate players, the educational sector and citizens themselves.

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0 Studies covering the entire EU
Europe-wide Studies on Media Literacy authored on behalf of the European Commission in 28 countries and 20 different languages
0 Countries
Speaking, Participating and Organizing International Conferences and Experts Groups (CoE, EC, EAO, etc.) across Europe
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Producing Publications, Guides and Cartoons in 21 different languages.
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Paolo Celot
Paolo Celot
Paolo Celot is an economist from Pisa University and a European affairs advisor specialised in the media sector. Founding member and Secretary General of EAVI – the European Association for Viewers Interests, a not-for-profit organization active in the fields of media literacy, disinformation and citizenship. Before moving to Brussels, he worked extensively in the private and public broadcasting sector both in London and Milan, working with the BBC, RAI and with private channels as well as with television advertising agencies and various public institutions.

He participates to the Experts Group of the European Commission on media literacy, in the advisory board of the European Audiovisual Observatory and in the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society at the Council of Europe.

Paolo has written books and articles, produced audiovisuals and he authored four Europe-wide studies in 28 EU countries on behalf of the European Commission. He delivers presentations in four different languages on media literacy and citizens-related issues.

Naomi Thompson
Naomi Thompson
Naomi has worked with EAVI since 2009 as a researcher and copywriter. She has a background in law, the American civil rights movement and the UK film industry, as well as in data analysis and project management. She has contributed to several European studies, including the landmark Study on Assessment Criteria for Media Literacy and its follow-ups. Naomi has a postgraduate degree in law and a certificate in adult education. She is based in the UK.

First steps: Media Awareness

As long as media propaganda, intrusive collection of personal data, media concentration persist to such extent, citizens interests are not safeguarded and our democracies are at risk.
Each of us should become increasingly aware and modify media habits to start making a difference.