Project Description

Active Watch – Media Monitoring Agency

is a human rights organization that stands for free communication for public interest.

ActiveWatch was founded in 1994 as a media monitoring department of the Catavencu Cultural Academy. In July 2006, ActiveWatch became an independent nonprofit organization, legally incorporated as an nonprofit association. ActiveWatch promotes the following four (4) major strategic directions of social intervention: • media education • good governance policies, • freedom of expression and • anti-discrimination. Since its formation, ActiveWatch has functioned as a debate platform for sensitive issues such as: human rights violations, media pressure and lack of transparency of central and local government initiatives. This information is documented and communicated through publications (reports, statements), case studies and press conferences. As of 2004, ActiveWatch is a member of the Reporters Without Borders network. During the accession process, ActiveWatch influenced EU policy towards Romania and actively intervened in the legislative process by promoting freedom of speech, access to information of public interest, accountable and transparent governance practices and equal opportunities in the Romanian society.
This far ActiveWatch has achieved its goals:
• by developing research, intervention methodologies and work instruments in its four (4) fields of action: freedom of expression, good governance, antidiscrimination and media education;
• by developing programs, projects, communication and advocacy campaigns, training courses and public events for the promotion of the values of a real democracy in Romania.
• in collaboration with over fifty (50) local and international partners in fifteen (15) countries.
• with the help of our partners and supporters: individuals, legal entities, institutions, NGOs and companies.
THE FIELD OF MEDIA LITERACY In the field of media literacy ActiveWatch promotes media education in Romania, so that citizens will be able to appreciate the quality of the messages conveyed through the media and so that they can have higher opportunities to communicate and involve in the life of the community.

Role in the project

The European University of Cyprus is the lead partner of the project. As such it has the responsibility to bring unity to the various elements that make the project and the responsibility for the general and financial management of the project.
The European University Cyprus will, also, undertake the responsibility of successfully replicating the Dutch National MediaCoach initiative in the Cypriot context.

The European University Cyprus, as an adopting organisation will perform:

• the preliminary assessment of the context in which the scaling up will occur

• the adaptation and the cultural tuning of the MediaCoach initiative in the Cypriot national context

• the delivery of the MediaCoach initiative to a total of one hundred (100) professionals working with youth in Cyprus

• the scaling up activities required for the widespread exploitation of the MediaCoach initiative in Cyprus

• Finally, the European University Cyprus has the responsibility to put into place the quality plan and to undertake all the actions and activities relating to quality insurance concerns of the project

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Micrea Toma
Micrea TomaPresident of Active Watch Association
Mircea Toma is the president of ActiveWatch Association and has a journalistic experience of more than 25 years. Combining his passions for psychology, media and human rights, Mircea has an extensive experience in training programs. In the last two decades he worked with teenagers, teachers, journalists, policemen, persons working in the public administration. He also teaches media research techniques as visiting professor in Babes-Bolyai University since 2010. Mircea is an active promoter of freedom of speech, free access to public information and media literacy.
Ionut Codreanu
Ionut CodreanuCommunication specialist trainer
Ionut has a BA in journalism and mass communication studies at University of Buharest. He has been working at ActiveWatch since 2004 within the Media Research and Education Program. Along the time he authored and co-authored dozens of media studies focused on various topics: media ethics, media compliance to public interest, minorities and gender representations in media and advertising, mapping the freedom of expression and/or hate speech in Romanian (social) media etc. also, Ionut has an extensive experience in developing and delivering training programs for students, teachers, journalists and/or communication specialists.